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Swaziland PEU Training Committee

As Chairman of the Training Committee, it is an honour for me to recommend Kavana Consulting to any organisation wishing to train their managers – we successfully trained 50 of our managers on their Management Development Programme (MDP).

Sam Malale
Chairman of the Swaziland PEU Training Committee

Hytec Holdings

The facilitator from Kavana Consulting is comprehensively experienced in working in a variety of cultures and is able to translate their unique concepts and skills into those environments - at all levels of organisation. The facilitator's approach and training methodology is one of "understanding concepts and skills transfer", simply because the best chance of success in Management and Leadership is the belief in the change process - which ensures the facilitator's success and credibility in the market place.

More importantly, the trainning we received is unique and conceptually very informative. The leadership development process we have implemented is already showing significant and measureable improvement. As the saying goes, "it is a pleasure doing business with you".

Allen van Gent
Group Training Manager
Hytec Holdings (Pty) Ltd


We have been very fortunate to run Leadership Training at Discovery with Clyde van Zyl as the facilitator. Clyde has been described as the following:

"The best facilitator that I have come across"
"The course and facilitation was indescibable"
"The best course I have ever attended"

The Leadership course was facilitated in such a way that learning is made easy and it is very practical, allowing the learners to embrace the learning and apply what they have learned in business and their personal lives.

Anthea Meredith
Training and Development Team Leader

Water Utilities Corporation (Botwswana)
Customer Service Intervention (2008)

Michelle Clifford, Chantaul Jordan and Clyde van Zyl, undertook an organisation wide customer service intervention with a view to creating a culture of customer service excellence throughout the organisation. A series of workshops were designed for all levels of the organisation ranging from Senior Management through to General Staff. Whilst the programmes varied in the terms of target audience, content and focus, the consistent message running through all the programmes was,: "Customer focus is the cornerstone of business success."

Intervention Feedback and Outcomes:
Delegates were asked to assess teh quality of the training material and facilitation and the overall average of customer satisfaction expressed as a percentage by staff was 92%

A sample of delegate feedback is as follows:
"I have learned a lot during the two days, I am so motivated!"
"Wow!!! This course has to be told about to everybody who serves other people."
"The course was simply great; the mode of delivery was the best; grateful for this opportunity."
"It was the best course ever. The facilitator was exceptional!"

Given the positive feedback from staff, the quality of training content and facilitation, as well as the success of this programme we confidently recommend Michelle Clifford, Chantaul Jordan and Clyde van Zul's service to any organisation wishing to improve their customer service.

Samantha Molefe
Information Services Manager
Water Utilities Corporation

Swaziland Government Parastatals (PEU)

The overall rating for the MDP training taking into account all the scores was: 91%

Delegates were asked what they enjoyed most about the workshop:

  • The quality of the course, and the fact that it is more practical than academic
  • The courses relevance to real life. The workshop covered all areas that aid in improving ones perspective of life and leadership.
  • Insightful and inspires the heart.
  • We are equipped with a journey of continuous personal improvement. It has given us practical skills to implement in our workplace.
  • The facilitator's art in using the right mix of the course content and practical examples and life experiences to illustrate content.

Delegates were asked to give feedback on the facilitators and the facilitation of the workshop:

  • Excellent. The relaxed atmosphere the facilitator chooses to present his material is brilliant in that it automatically invites participation to all spectators.
  • Knowledgeable trainer, very experienced, full of life and humour.
  • The facilitator is clear and passionate about what he is doing. He has made such a positive impact in my life – especially with the motivation talks.
  • The facilitator is a master – we need professionals like him in our quest to bring our economy to life;
  • Fantastic! The facilitator is the best I have ever come across so far. He possesses vast experience and knowledge and shows great enthusiasm in his facilitation.
  • I would recommend this course for all our managers at work – it is critical to improving my organizations operation and management.


"I came to this course without a clue on what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the most life changin courses I have ever had to attend The facilitato is an authority on the subject - Leadership that gets results is a wonderful course."

"The workshop was very valuable, very relevant and really contributed to my capacity as a manger. The presenter was well prepared and managed to adapt the content to our special needs. The course content was fun, exciting and we learned a lot, with an excellent balance of content, fun and games, self assessment and evaluation."

"The course was the best course I have attended in teh last 9 years in teh department. The course was reassuring, exciting and most of all practical. The content also explained some of my actions and advices - brought us even closer as professionals. I appreciated the methodology you employed - it was very clear and exciting"

De Beers

"A course worth investing time in that definately made me look at management and leadership in a different light - from a more human point of view. I enjoyed the interaction and the exercises - taught me a lot abou tmy style of leadership and its affect on others."

"Thanks to the facilitator - you made the theory interesting - you are an excellent suject matter expert. Overall it was a journey of self discovery and I will implement everything I have learned."

" The programme taught me a lot about understanding myself and also others. I enjoyed the fact that the facilitator shared personal experiences. It is an inspiration to go on a learning journey with someone who truly believes in what they are doing, with evidence of personal growth - waling the talk. I hope that my fellow colleagues have an opportunity in their life to go on similar journeys."

"This course has changed my life - how I look at things, how I interact with people and how I deal wth myself."


"The faciliation is undescribable - excellent. I have never been through a course where the facilitator has been so incredible - I have already learned so much."

"One word... awesome!"

"Clyde is brilliant - the course was very interesting. Thank you so much Clyde... it was an awesome course."

"I think I have learned a lot! I have learned more in a few days than I knew my entire life..."

"This is the best course I have attended ever. Clude is excellent. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you Clyde."


"I found the information supplied on the different people (case studies and scenarios) very informative and the content brought about a realisation of the changes I need to make in the way I think and treat myself and everyone around me."

"Well spoken, good tone of voice, brilliant examples, will recommend!"

"Your life experiences and the manner in which you present it as examples makes it interesteing and easier to understand."

"The facilitator maintains a good balance between work and play they understand the group dynamics adn relay information that impacts on the issues at hand."

Clyde van Zyl

Alison Sparg

Alison Sparg is a Chartered Accountant (SA) with over 10 years of commercial and corporate experience. Alison graduated from the University of Cape Town with honours, receiving various class awards for top academic performance. Alison completed her articles with Ernst & Young in 2000, having obtained experience in a wide range of industries, but with a particular focus on the financial services sector.

Following her articles, Alison spent 4 years living and working abroad, gaining exposure to the international financial markets of New York and London. She returned to South Africa in 2005. Alison has since worked in the worlds of Corporate Finance and Asset Management, gaining invaluable experience in areas such as detailed financial analysis, the giving of strategic advice, and in the role as a mentor and trainer. Through her training courses and workshops, she aims to empower individuals by providing them with basic financial literacy skills, as well as challenge their perceptions of and attitudes towards money.

Clyde van Zyl

Enzio O'ehley

Enzio is a Training Specialist with extensive experience facilitating interventions throughout Africa including working as a team building and adventure activity specialist in the USA. Enzio's particular passion and speciality is outdoor adventure based training but he is also qualified in Safety Training and has facilitated the full spectrum of Human Resources Programmes throughout his career.

  • BA(ed) degree in Human Movement Sciences at the University of Port Elizabeth
  • Level 1 certification with the Outdoor Adventure Association (OAA)
  • Training Management Development Diploma - Wits Technikon and Anglo America's Central Training Unit